Callback from Cuba for 35ct-$/min.

Through this way we offer you the possibility to make phone calls with people in Cuba for 35ct-$/min. The calls are only possible for landline connections.
By the current $-rate are this less than 30ct-€/min.
The date has to be appointed for 24 hours before. To important dates like Mother's day or X-mas actually 48 hours before.
We guaranty for: 
- the quality of the call. If the quality is not good enough we do not bill it.
- communication with the person(s) you want speak. If the person is not able, we don't connect and of course don't bill the call.
How it works?
1. You have to prepay your credit per banc deposit. See rates here

2. You will get the access link to our request form for calls

3. The date-call will be connected to the date and time you have wish before with the mentioned person(s).
4. The rate is for landline calls ONLY 35ct-$/min for 120 minutes without any other fee

Calltimes: 24/7/365
If you have any question please contact us:
Promotions: none